Private Jets for Sale

Aeroplane pricing in today’s economy (recession) makes this the best time to purchase a business jet! If you are interested in owning a plane or a delivery position for the future delivery of a plane, you may be interested to know that there are a number of possible strategic relationships worth your considering:

  1. Bring your aircraft into the Atlas Jets’ management program while retaining ownership for yourself. Your aircraft can provide revenue eliminating most or almost all of your ownership costs.
  2. Retain partial ownership of your aircraft by selling a portion via Atlas. Substantially reduce your initial purchase costs as well as your on-going ownership expenses.
  3. Retain full ownership of your aircraft and have Atlas manage it.
  4. Outright sale of your aircraft or delivery position through Atlas.

There are also many questions about the ability to secure insurance coverage at a reasonable price.  Atlas Executive Air can provide very competitive quotes, as we are well known in the industry and have insured several aircrafts.

Please contact Mr Javier Ripoll via the following email:  He will be happy to attend to your questions in reference to aircraft sales.